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With Instagram's latest update, everyone can share multiple photos in a post

23 February 2017

When uploading images, you'll see a new icon to help you select more than one. The image will include a swipe feature to look through all the photos in the post. As for filters, you can either blanket all your selections with the same one, or apply them individually. The entire post will have one caption.

Instagram continues to add new features. Now, the company announced it is rolling out the feature for all users on iOS and Android over the coming weeks. The mix of 10 photos or videos can be swiped by your friends when viewing your post.

Each photo or video can be edited using Instagram's built-in tools and rearranged before or after the post is shared.

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Instagram continues to edge closer to its owner Facebook with its latest update that lets you post multiple photos and videos in a single post. Of course there'd need to be a bunch of filters - oh and different photo sizes, and video, and links, and multiple photos per post, and multiple videos per post - whoops! The carousels will feature the first photo or video to your Instagram feed, while the remaining photos in the batch can be swiped left or right. A single caption and location, as well as like and comments, will apply to the whole post. Maybe Instagram's next move will be to allow users to post quotes, audio without video, and insert links too. As you scroll through your gallery, you'll notice a new icon that indicates a multi-photo (or video) option. In that sense, the carousels can feel like a more permanent version of Instagram stories - complete narratives that live on your profile for as long as you like.

You'll know you're seeing a carousel in the feed when you see a blue ellipsis (.) at the bottom of the post.

Instagram's new photo albums are going to dramatically increase the amount of time people spend in Instagram.

With Instagram's latest update, everyone can share multiple photos in a post