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After Charleston, Roof went toward second AME church, docs say

23 February 2017

Newly released documents show avowed white supremacist Dylann Roof drove to a second black church the same night he shot and killed nine church members at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina. He has since been sentenced to death, and prosecutors revealed many disturbing details in open court, including how Roof laughed during a taped confession. When he arrived at the building, his Global Positioning System was shut off for several minutes, indicating that he had turned off his auto.

The motion was one of several documents unsealed Tuesday, after federal prosecutors objected to Roof's request for a new federal trial. Like Emanuel, the church had a Bible study that night, though it's unclear whether anyone was inside at that time or whether Roof actually left his auto.

In the motion, Roof's attorneys argued his case happened entirely in SC and involved only "incidental and everyday use" of areas affected by the commerce clause, like the internet or purchases from another state.

Roof, an avowed white supremacist, told Federal Bureau of Investigation officials that he was too exhausted after the attack at the Emanuel AME church to continue shooting, according to the WCIV report.

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Roof's attorneys argued that his actions didn't constitute interstate commerce - a necessary component for the federal prosecution - because the attack was planned and executed completely within SC.

Roof was sentenced to death last month after a jury convicted him of 33 federal charges.

The court documents also state that Roof had admitted to a coworker that he was racist and frequently referenced Adolf Hitler.