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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Leaked Documents Confirm New Feature

22 February 2017

To recall, Secure Folder made its debut on the dearly departed Galaxy Note 7 and allowed people to stash stuff like documents, contacts, and media far away from prying eyes.

The refurbished variants of the device will run on batteries that are of a smaller capacity than the ones powering the original phones, thus saving them from the risks of melting, catching fire and exploding.

This report comes from Hankyung, and claims that Samsung could start selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7's with 3,000mAh to 3,200mAh batteries in India and Vietnam, starting in June 2017.

We know that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note 8 in the latter half of this year. Along with that the back panel will be different given that they had to remove it to change the battery.

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Samsung plans to make good use of its huge remaining stack of 2.5 million returned Galaxy Note 7 handsets. Initially, the battery of Note 7 was diagnosed unsafe. Well, it seems the South Korean tech giant is indeed insane enough to do this, but this will reportedly be targeting emerging markets such India, Vietnam, Africa and South America as well.

Samsung sold 3.06 million Galaxy Note 7 units worldwide and has recovered at least 98% of those devices out in the wild. Last year, Samsung was ranked No. 7 in the corporate reputation rankings for the 100 most visible companies in the US.

Samsung and some other independent sources concluded that the Galaxy Note 7's battery was the only reason for its failure. AKG is an Austrian audio systems company acquired by Harman in 1994, and both companies have been acquired by Samsung in 2016. The feature was enabled via an Android app called Samsung Flow. The keyboard dock might be sold separately but if the S Pen is available with the tablet itself, then it will grant you features that were originally exclusive to the Galaxy Note series of smartphones.