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Tiffany Trump happily accepts Whoopi Goldberg's New York Fashion Week invitation

17 February 2017

Goldberg makes no secret of the fact that she is staunchly opposed to President Trump, but she disagrees with how his daughter, Tiffany Trump, was treated during a show at New York Fashion Week.

During the recent New York Fashion Week, it can not be denied that Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany Trump was subtly being bullied when no one would sit next to her.

"You know what, Tiffany, I'm supposed to go to a couple more shows". "As I was chatting with them, a Philipp Plein executive came over and asked those guys to move because Philipp's sister and girlfriend wanted to sit there - it turned out those ended up being highly covetable seats!" she explained to us. Because nobody's talking politics at the-you're looking at fashion. "Because bragging about this online and saying, 'Look, she has no one to sit with her, ' that's being a mean girl just for sport". But she did not like that one takes in to the daughter of the insane policy of self-tanner. "I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm coming to sit with you", Whoopi said during Wednesday's episode. "As you say, America first, when is that going to kick in with you all?!"

Trump announced later Wednesday that she'd "love to" sit with Whoopi.

The Trump family continues to feel the effects of President Donald Trump's controversial presidency and the whole sitch is getting pretty darn nasty.

First flu-related death in Sussex County confirmed
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The panel chimed in on reports Trump's team had ongoing contact with Russian officials, reports Trump dismissed as "fake news".

Several magazine editors circulated photos on social media of Ms. Trump, 23, sitting next to empty seats at Philipp Plein's fashion show Monday night.

Empty seats next to Tiffany Trump.

Christina Binkley, a former Wall Street Journal fashion columnist, tells PEOPLE that after the two women seated next to Trump left, the seats remained unoccupied for two minutes or less - and Trump seemed unaware.