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Standing Against the Secretary of Education

12 February 2017

Given the overwhelming support President Trump received in rural areas in the 2016 election, it's puzzling why he would choose an Education secretary who might seriously undercut public schools that are of vital importance in rural areas.

Several of Willis' students on Tuesday questioned DeVos' priorities and said they think it's important to speak out on public school issues. She promised to work with "those who supported my nomination and those who did not" and encouraged everyone to listen to each other and focus on the fulfilling the department's mission. "She is well qualified to serve as education secretary". "But we do have faith in our state representatives and legislators that they will do the right thing". "Let's improve options & outcomes for all USA students".

President Donald Trump accused Democrats of seeking to torpedo education progress. "As a science teacher from IN who tends to focus on evolution, I'm familiar with Pence's viewpoint [editor's note: Mike Pence does not seem to believe IN evolution] and it seems like DeVos shares the same idea on evolution and creationism".

Channel 11's Jennifer Tomazic reported that about 250 to 300 protesters met about 7:30 Market Square before heading over the Smithfield Street Bridge to Toomey's office. "Partnering with students, parents, educators, state and local leaders, Congress and all stakeholders, we will improve education options and outcomes across America", she said.

Midday Wednesday, it did not appear that any other Department of Education websites were down, but the agency did not respond to questions about the status of other pages. "So, my education was dependent upon there being great, public, state-sponsored education", she said.

Regular readers of our NPR Ed blog know that the main K-12 education law was reauthorized previous year as the Every Student Succeeds Act, ESSA, which covers annual testing, among other things.

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Close attention also will be paid to how DeVos deals with sexual assault, freedom of speech on campuses and LGBT rights. Recently retired conservative columnist Thomas Sowell penned a piece to make the case for her, saying that failure to confirm her would mean "a historic opportunity would be lost, and may never come again in this generation".

There has been a lot of misinformation circulated about Betsy DeVos, and I appreciate the chance to set the record straight. During her Senate confirmation hearing, she said that guns might be needed at some remote schools to ward off grizzly bears, prompting expressions of disbelief and scorn from Democrats.

DeVos is a charter school and school choice advocate who critics feel could gut public schools and their funding. Kaleigh Lemaster, executive director of School Choice Ohio, said DeVos' views on school choice is a reason she supports DeVos.

The Syracuse school board tonight took a stand on two issues that have arisen under the Trump administration.

Two Republicans voted with a united Democratic caucus in opposition to DeVos, a champion of allowing families to use public school funds to send their children to private schools, resulting in a 50-50 split before Pence cast the deciding vote as the Constitution mandates when the chamber is evenly divided.

Seth Meyers mocked Betsy DeVos' reaction to her confirmation as the White House education secretary on the Tuesday, February 7, episode of Late Night, just hours after news broke of DeVos' triumph. Lamar Alexander, the chairman of the Education Committee. "And she has worked tirelessly to help low-income children have more choices of better schools".

Standing Against the Secretary of Education