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YouTube Go APK Available For Offline Download App

11 February 2017

As of today, Play Store has made available for download Google's brand new video app "YouTube Go", which is a lightweight variant of popular video streaming app YouTube.

An early version of YouTube Go hit the Google Play Store Wednesday. This means you can access it only on Android devices, at present.

One problem for users outside of India now is that all content seems to be marked as ineligible for download, which somewhat removes the point of downloading the app in the first place. The app has a video sharing feature which quickly shares videos instantly with family and friends nearby even without using the Internet. Now it looks like Google will make sure the apps do have a policy in place. The other person doesn't have to download the video separately, thereby saving data. Technically YouTube Go is listed as "unreleased" but you can try it out now. The app only downloads or plays the videos in Basic and Standard quality. You can also control the quality of video you want to save offline for future viewing purposes.

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Keep in mind that you will still need to type in your debit or credit card info, as you will be charged $9.99 a month after the free four month demo ends. There is even a pop up that indicates how much available storage is left in the user's phone for downloading more videos. The app is all of 7MB in size, and takes up about 19MB of space in your phone upon download. The company is positioning the service as a "faster, and lighter" version of its giant video hosting and streaming service. To make it work, the sender is required to tap on the Send button and the receiver has to tap on the Receive button.

Just like your regular YouTube app, YouTube Go also allows you to discover new videos, or watch videos from your subscriptions. It will only open within the YouTube Go app. It allows users to download content and save it for later, lets them gauge whether particular videos are worth watching by offering previews, and gives them the option to set a data cap. Though the videos are regularly updated, user can access only ten videos in the Home page at any time.

YouTube Go APK Available For Offline Download App