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It Would Appear That Donald Trump Doesn't Know Who Frederick Douglass Is

06 February 2017

The celebrated writer, orator and statesmen died back in 1895, but that didn't stop President Trump from speaking of Douglass as if he were still alive during a Black History Month speech earlier this week.

"Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who's done an wonderful job and is getting recognized more and more, I notice".

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Douglass was born a slave, and became an orator and a leading figure in the anti-slavery movement.

Does it... nearly... sound like the President of the United States doesn't know who Frederick Douglass is?

"Well I think there was contributions", Spicer said.

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The Justice Department will try to reinstate the ban by arguing that Mr Trump had the authority to impose it in the first place. Earlier Friday night Trump was asked about an appeal at a gala in Florida Saturday night, and the president said: "We'll win".

"I think he wants to highlight the contributions he has made", Spicer said.

Douglass was-and continues to be-widely well-known internationally. Some took his comments as suggesting 19th-century abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass was still alive.

Web sites such as the TMZ gossip site noticed that President Trump's proclamation used the term "African-American History Month" instead of "Black History Month" and published an item stating that he had "changed the name" of the month-long observance.

The press release, however, does not say that Trump has changed the name of the month from its official designation as "Black History Month" in previous years.

She had no words, which may have been a true exercise of restraint on her part, given that Hillary lost the electoral college (while winning the popular vote by nearly 3 million) to someone who devoted a Black History Month speech to himself. Fake news. The statue is cherished, it's one of the favorite things in the-and we have some good ones.

He then talked about the monuments and museums in Washington that teach children about America's black heroes, like Harriet Tubman and Rosa Parks. We have Lincoln, and we have Jefferson, and we have Dr. Martin Luther King. So, Trump chose to change the month's name.