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Fire Emblem Heroes: Nintendo's next smartphone game set for February release

21 January 2017

Almost every character from games like Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and last year's Fire Emblem Fates are on the ballot, and fans can cast a vote for their favorite once per day.

The fact that "Fire Emblem Heroes" is free-to-play might be encouraging to Wall Street investors, who were disappointed in the apparent difficulty that "Super Mario Run" has had in generating recurring revenue - players buy all the levels once for $9.99, with no other opportunities for ongoing revenue. Fire Emblem doesn't do sequels, generally speaking. The Fire Emblem Heroes will be available worldwide on February 2, with an iOS release planned for later in 2017. Like other Fire Emblem titles, Fire Emblem Heroes is a strategy game in which you take control of a team of characters and navigate a grid-based battlefield while slaying enemies in your path. Fans can visit to browse through characters from the Fire Emblem franchise and select the ones they'd like to see make an appearance in Fire Emblem Heroes. Following news that both Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing would be making their way to mobile devices in the future, Nintendo has now shown off the debut installment of the Fire Emblem series on Android and iOS devices. Heroes adopts the popular gacha model used in many free-to-play games in Japan.

Nintendo Debuts New 'Fire: Emblem Heroes' Smartphone Game, Coming Soon to iOS Devices
Nintendo says new 'Fire Emblem Heroes' game coming to iPhone and iPad 'soon'

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. That game is coming this fall and is also coming to the New Nintendo 3DS. Regular 3DS and 2DS owners, however, will be out of luck, as Fire Emblem Warriors will only be compatible with the New 3DS family of consoles. But beware, some of those beloved characters will be acting against you, which means you'll have to kill them eventually. In the meantime, fans can vote on which characters should appear.

The company also noted its Fire Emblem game (working title) for its upcoming home/mobile hybrid Nintendo Switch, and the first on a home console since 2007, will arrive sometime in 2018. The original 3DS will not be supported, presumably as a result of the technical issues surrounding Hyrule Warriors Legends.

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Fire Emblem Heroes: Nintendo's next smartphone game set for February release