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Hunt for Shooter of US Official in Mexico

11 January 2017

Ashcraft remained hospitalized Tuesday in Mexico.

A California man charged with attempted murder in connection with the shooting of a US diplomat in Mexico will remain in custody pending a detention hearing scheduled for later this week.

An American citizen was arrested in Mexico for attempting to assassinate a USA consular official in a Guadalajara parking lot.

Zia Zafar, 31, from Chino Hills, California, arrived in Virginia Monday night.

The wounded consular official is Christopher Ashcraft, who is in his first posting with the State Department, according to an affidavit from Federal Bureau of Investigation agent David J. DiMarco. Impacto el Diario newspaper's web site said that the Jalisco state prosecutor's confirmed his arrest on Sunday on its Twitter account.

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Zafar was living in Guadalajara on a student visa.

The office of the federal attorney general in Mexico said in a statement late Monday that the suspect was repatriated in coordination with US authorities and in accordance with Mexican law. Seeing that the person was no longer following him, Ashcraft said he got into his auto and drove toward the garage exit. Photos attached to the affidavit show the gunman before, after and even during the shooting, which Mexican authorities called a "cunning and cowardly attack". Surveillance video showed Ashcraft climbing into his vehicle and pulling up to the ticket machine at the lot exit when the shooter steps up and fires once through the windshield.

The FBI made no mention of a possible motive for the shooting.

The city of Guadalajara, being the second largest city in Mexico has been regarded as relatively safe and has not in any way been somewhat what affected or affiliated with the extreme and brutal cases of violence that has been ongoing by the Mexican drug cartels, who have afflicted and threatened several regions of Mexico.

Hunt for Shooter of US Official in Mexico