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Voting begins after competing claims of fraud, intimidation

12 November 2016

Despite the missing ballot pages - and despite a large early turnout that resulted in long lines and waits - Tenuto said there had not been a rash of problems at polling places reported to the agency through Tuesday morning and afternoon.

"We're going to see how things play out today and hopefully they will play out well and hopefully we won't have to worry about it", he said.

Complaints of voter intimidation were especially prevalent in Florida, Georgia, Ohio and Arizona with a disproportionate share coming from minority voters.

Election officials credited the surge to spirited campaigns, including the presidential contest, and a longer early voting season, which lasted 40 days this year. Most states allow poll watchers, some allow candidates to appoint them, other states do not.

Absent on Tuesday were reports of the kind of hostile political displays, vandalism and violence that have cropped up regularly throughout the campaign.

About half of the Latino voting bloc tends to come to the polls on Election Day.

They plan to deploy at polling places to watch for signs of voter intimidation and other roadblocks to free voting. In 17 states, a voter is allowed to request a recount. Florida famously decided the 2000 election after George W. Bush won the state by just 537 votes over Al Gore following a recount that lasted several weeks. You have the right to register on Election Day if you can show required proof of residence in that precinct.

The vice presidential candidate predicted victory in Minnesota and across the US and promised a new era of USA moral, economic and military superiority under a Trump administration.

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"There are far more people turned away from the polls by restrictions like voter-ID laws, cuts to early voting, and felon-disenfranchisement efforts - which disproportionately impact people of color, young voters and low-income voters - than cases of voter fraud", he said. South Carolina, for instance, has not voted for a Democrat for president since 1976, and polls suggest the state is "likely" to go Republican again Tuesday, giving Trump its nine electoral votes. Here's where to reach county elections offices. Not one of Oklahoma's 77 counties voted for Barack Obama in either of his presidential campaigns, and Democrat Hillary Clinton isn't expected to fare well in the state, either.

The voting unfolded amid repeated but unsubstantiated claims from Trump that the election would somehow be rigged.

In an interview on Fox News, Trump would not say whether he would accept the outcome.

That is the word from the secretary of state's office and represents the most early voters ever.

It's important to report any issues you run into so election officials are aware of problems that pop up.

Democrats had a slight edge of almost 33,000 votes over Republicans with just one day of early voting left. These also are not a flawless predictor, in part because they only show how many people from each party have voted so far. Supporters of Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump clashed when both parties went to cast their votes. Local officials test machines to make sure they are calibrated properly before each election.

Cybersecurity experts said because of the nation's decentralized voting system, with people casting ballots in 9,000 jurisdictions and more than 185,000 precincts, it would be hard for a hacker to have any sizeable effect on the vote.

The line at a Miami-Dade library remained at about an hour long for much of the day, as people maneuvered to stand in the shade.

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Voting begins after competing claims of fraud, intimidation