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Uber Launches Revamped Version of App

03 November 2016

But perhaps the biggest change is the addition of upfront pricing and arrival time predictions pegged to each level of Uber service.

But as Uber has grown, the app has been adding features that have made it more hard to navigate. The request will be made within the app if the person designated at the end of the ride also has Uber installed on the phone. Those who do will see calendar appointments appear as shortcuts in the Uber app. Tap it and it will a ride request is generated to that destination. You really can't beat the satisfaction of an app loading up within a second of opening it instead of waiting for several moments for it to even acknowledge your pressing need to hail a ride and get somewhere. When they accept the message, their location is inputted directly into your Uber app and avoids copying-and-pasting emailed addresses into the app. While Uber has introduced "panic buttons" in a couple of countries like India to let riders immediately report an emergency to authorities and Uber, it's still not making it available in additional countries like the US for the time being, said the company. "We're looking to give you time, calm, joy and money".

To make the app a better person-to-person experience, Uber is going to introduce a feature that lets you set a person as your destination. A Snapchat integration will share ETAs with friends via selfies. And it will fetch details about the music playing in the auto if the driver is streaming from Pandora.

In a presentation to reporters Tuesday, Chief Executive Travis Kalanick said Uber's new app is meant to shave crucial minutes off commutes by, among other things, suggesting ideal pickup spots based on traffic patterns and destinations, and displaying timetables for transit agencies. "Gone are the days when everyone's app looks the same". The app can also show the "time we expect you to arrive at your destination". It takes its inspiration from the one-touch starkness of the original UberCab app that launched in 2010. The new Uber experience is reimagined around a simple question - 'Where to?'. Up to a half-dozen auto options lined the bottom of the screen, while a blocky "Schedule a Ride" feature appeared dropped in the middle. Uber says you will then get an update on their exact location and the driver can take you to wherever your friend happens to be then. "There was just too much going on".

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Users of the app can now slide through various options once they search for a destination, rather than having to choose from a lengthy list of types of journey.

"The app learns from your ride routines and makes suggestions based on your location and the time of day", Uber explains in publicity materials.

Customer profiles - and whether they result in different treatment for certain riders - have been a recent cause for concern.

Uber Launches Revamped Version of App