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Woman finds 'stolen' vehicle returned with note, cash

28 October 2016

Erin Hatzi shared surveillance footage from outside of her home as a woman entered her red Subaru Impreza on Tuesday night before driving off.

Safe to say this "thief" will no longer be sending friends to pick up her auto, which would be a solid life decision. "You wouldn't think they'd sit there in idle in the owner's driveway for two or three minutes".

In an incredibly fortunate chain of events, a woman brought her Subaru back, and she was also stopped by police as she pulled over in front of Erin Hatzi's driveway.

Less than 24 hours after the vehicle's disappearance, though, it was returned - with an apology note and some gas money, explaining that the crime was all a misunderstanding.

A Portland woman's security cameras captured her vehicle being "stolen". "I sent my friend with my key to pick up my red subaru at 7802 SE Woodstock and she came back with your vehicle", the note read. "If you need to speak further, with me, I am ******* and my number is.So so sorry for this mistake".

Police told Hatzi that some older Subaru keys are interchangeable, making it easy for the woman to make off with the wrong auto. When the vehicle's owner realized it was the wrong auto, she instructed the accidental thief to return Hatzi's Impreza with an apologetic note and $30.

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The woman told KGW that she filed a police report and waited for answers. Needless to say, she found it odd when the "thief", rather than getting the auto started and getting out of the area in a hurry, sat in the vehicle for a few minutes and let it idle.

The most shocking part of this entire story is the auto was only a block away from Hazti's house.

That's what happened to Portland resident Erin Hatzi and her Subaru.

Hatzi posted the contents of the note to Facebook as she laughed about the whole incident. "My auto had a little adventure".

"It's insane", Hatzi said.

Woman finds 'stolen' vehicle returned with note, cash