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Girl Scouts Cookie Cereal Is Coming In January 2017

25 October 2016

It's impossible to be anything but excited about General Mills' latest announcement: Girl Scout cookie cereals are going to hit shelves in January 2017.

The Girl Scouts announced two new flavors for next year's cookie sale: S'mores, a sandwich cookie and a chocolate covered version.

The flavor of Girl Scout cookies is one that's burned into our collective memories.

First, they introduced us to Thin Mints ice cream, but now, Girl Scouts of America and General Mills are teaming up for a partnership of epic (and delicious) proportions.

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General Mills wouldn't say anything else about the cereal except that the company will release more information when they're closer to launch.

What's your favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor? Its popular cookies are normally sold for a six- to eight-week period each year.

Girl Scout Cookies can only be purchased from girls during the cookie season, which often starts around February.

Most recently, the Girl Scouts released two baking mixes to allow families to make cupcakes and brownies that tasted like Thin Mints and Caramel DeLites.

Girl Scouts Cookie Cereal Is Coming In January 2017