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Nvidia Could Make $1B From Tesla's Self-Driving Decree: Analyst (TSLA, NVDA)

23 October 2016

Tesla also announced that its new models have all the hardware necessary for autonomous driving and that the software will be beamed into the vehicles on receiving regulatory approval. All this real-world data gives Tesla a unique opportunity to validate its autopilot technology.

Initially, the technology will only be about twice as safe as the average human driver, Tesla predicts, meaning it will have to be closely monitored.

It's interesting that Tesla apparently intends to exert control over how Tesla owners use the software in their cars. Lourd Capital LLC's holdings in Tesla Motors were worth $340,000 as of its most recent filing with the SEC.

The death in May of a Tesla driver using the company's Autopilot system prompted an investigation by safety regulators. For that reason, safety features such as automatic emergency breaking, collision warning, lane holding and active cruise control that are now available in current cars using the first generation of Autopilot won't be immediately be turned on in the vehicles created to be fully autonomous.

Musk took to Twitter to reveal more about their new self-driving technology, saying that the feature allows the vehicle to drive itself with no human input at all through urban streets and highways, and it can also find a parking spot.

By pointing out this gap between perception and reality, the media reaction to Brown's death may have saved lives that Tesla's overhyping of its autopilot's capabilities had endangered. The Palo Alto-based auto company also said that the eventual goal was to make a road trip from New York City to Los Angeles using self-driving vehicle technology. He said on Wednesday that the company is working on new models with new and essential hardware. Cars previously built don't have the new hardware and - this is the moment in the article where early adopters groan - Musk said in a tweet that retrofitting vehicles won't be possible. "He noted that a negative story dissuading people from using autonomous vehicles was effectively 'killing people" since the technology made driving safer.

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In a press call, CEO Elon Musk said (via the Daily Mail) that buyers can choose between two options, and this would be "either basically an improved Autopilot or self-driving". Unfortunately, by casting healthy skepticism as potentially lethal Luddism, Musk is extending his pattern of making bad-faith arguments about autopilot's safety. National Pension Service raised its position in Tesla Motors by 8.8% in the third quarter.

In other words, the future is now.

The self-driving vehicle is a fully automatic auto. Tesla Motors Inc makes up approx 0.26% of Daiwa Sb Investments Ltd.'s portfolio.

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