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Too-Inky Pens May Erringly Record 'No' Vote on Mail-In Ballots

20 October 2016

Voters can find the application online at or on the back of their sample ballot and voter information pamphlet sent to each registered voter.

"The Yolo County Election Office is partnering with Yolo County libraries to make this upcoming general election as accessible and voter-friendly as possible", said Jesse Salinas, Yolo County registrar of voters. Voters must return their ballots by Election Day (postmarked November 8) for them to be counted. Some three million ballots will be mailed out across Colorado.

"I am extremely concerned that this happened", said Radi.

Voting equipment in polling centers, while used less than mail-in ballots, have tamper-evident security tape and no one obtains "unfettered access" to any of the information.

Not only are voters facing one of the more contentious presidential elections in recent memory, there are also a large number of statewide ballot questions that require a fair amount of research and thought.

A spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service in North Jersey said the problem was with the design of the ballots. The office is located on the first floor of Town Hall at 77 Main Street. "The County Election Board must mail the ballots to the voter and the voter must return the voted ballots by mail". The last day to turn in a mail-in ballot is Tuesday, Nov. 1.

Myth #2: Vote by Mail ballots are not private.

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"We do check every signature against the voter registration signature to ensure that the voter that voted the ballot is the one that is registered", said McLaughlin.

Those who want to be poll monitors must register within 24 hours of an election. There will be only one candidate in numerous legislative elections.

The original ballot was missing the offices of the city of Fairfield, including the City Council, City Clerk and City Treasurer.

Officials in the elections office said the recent registrations have been about evenly split between Democrats and Republicans.

"I don't think there's danger", Christie said in August of potential vote rigging.

Both liberal and conservative groups are asking people to have their cell phones ready to capture anything they see that is either fraudulent or suspicious. It's a whole project called "The United States Election Project".

And, Moore says, this General Election could be a whopper year in regards to voter turnout...

Too-Inky Pens May Erringly Record 'No' Vote on Mail-In Ballots