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Four students hurt in shooting outside high school

20 October 2016

The high school has made the decision to remain open today and will be improving its campus security and emotional support options for their students.

According to CNN affiliate KRON, investigators are now searching for multiple suspects who may have targeted a female student who is now in critical condition. Officers initially thought it was an active shooter incident because the victims were in the school building.

Department spokesperson Carlos Manfredi stated that the female victim, "was shot in the upper extremities and suffered life-threatening injuries". School officials say for the past several years, the school has had the second highest four-year-old college eligibility rate in San Francisco, with almost 100 percent of its graduates getting into college.

SFUSD said the students from June Jordan School for Equity were targeted by an outsider.

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The shooting that occurred at around 3.15 pm as students of the June Jordan School for Equity and City Arts and Technology High School were leaving for the day.

Four male suspects wearing dark hoodies and jeans were seen running away from the area, Manfredi said. The San Francisco Unified School District confirmed that all four victims were students. As the shooting unfolded, students scrambled to hide in their classroom, taking cover under desks.

The school immediately went on lockout, but was lifted around 4:03 p.m.

"I need to state emphatically that this isolated event, although bad, should not be viewed as a negative reflection on" the school, Leigh said.