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Experts gives temperature measures in hot car death case

20 October 2016

Wednesday morning's testimony began with a technical discussion of the temperature inside Ross Harris' vehicle at the time that Cooper Harris died.

To which, Brandi replied that even if a child were inside the auto when he conducted his test, the temperatures in the vehicle wouldn't have been significantly different. During his testimony Harris was seen openly sobbing.

Tuesday's testimony began with Cobb County Medical Examiner Investigator Martin Jackson, who evaluated Cooper's body at the scene.

On the stand Tuesday, former Cobb County Chief Medical Examiner Brian Frist described Cooper's condition during the autopsy as well as the possible stages he went through before he slowly died in his father's auto.

Next, prosecutors called Greg Sanders, Home Depot's global security operations manager, to the stand. Sanders told the jury he pulled the surveillance video of when Harris entered and exited his work the day Cooper died.

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According to Brani, temperatures inside Ross Harris' SUV at the noon hour may have been between 98 and 125 degrees.

The 35-year-old dad is charged with murder for the June 2014 hot-car death of his 22-month-old son, Cooper. Harris claims that he is innocent and this was all a tragic accident. Though his initial report said the manner of Cooper's death was undetermined, on the stand, Frist said he believes it was a homicide. Mark Wilson, 23, encountered defendant Justin Ross Harris June 18, 2014, in the holding area of the jail, where Wilson was serving a 24-hour sentence for a DUI.

Video was also shown of Harris returning after lunch to drop off lightbulbs into his SUVs.

The bulk of the day however was spent questioning and cross examining former detective Ray Yeager who at first claimed Harris had manually searched the term "childfree" on an app known as Reddit.

Wilson elaborated further saying that he and Harris engaged in small talk and that Harris' behavior was not consistent with someone who had just lost a child. She referred to Harris as, "Very dumpy, a little bit overweight, a little bit on the hefty side..." Harris was reclining, with his left arm resting on the back of the chair.

Experts gives temperature measures in hot car death case