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'Star Trek' explores for 50 years and beyond

12 September 2016

Starting with "Star Trek: The Motion Picture, "in 1979, the franchise has now spanned almost four decades and a total of 13 films and multiple television versions, including "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Star Trek: Voyager".

Owners Devan Daniels and Michael Mangold say its a business decision to move to Drumheller-a place they hope they can "live long and prosper".

It was on a Thursday night, September 8th, 1966 on NBC that creator Gene Rodenberry introduced us to the 23rd century exploits of Captain James Tiberious Kirk and his crew on the Starship Enterprise.

Star Trek is the immensely-popular science fiction franchise that has greatly influenced our entertainment landscape and our modern technological advancements, and to celebrate its 50th anniversay, Paramount Pictures has released a new Celebrating 50 years of Star Trek. and Beyond trailer. Spock, shockingly, expresses emotion as the "Wow" icon.

The Vulcan salute, Kirk, Klingon, Spock and Geordi will all be reaction options in addition to the usual like.

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"I remember sitting there, chewing on my fingernails, going, 'Oh, my gosh, I wish I was right there, '" explained Shay West, a "Star Trek" fan since watching the original series with her dad. Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge sheds a tear through his beloved visor as the "Sad" button.

Facebook played with a similar themed buttons on Mother's Day this year by adding in a flower.

The new features, which also include a Star Trek-News Feed greeting and a custom profile picture frame, are available for a limited time to users in the USA and Canada.

"Star Trek" celebrates its 50th anniversary this month.