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Brexit to go ahead without Parliament vote

29 August 2016

Theresa May will not hold a parliamentary vote on Brexit before opening negotiations to formally trigger Britain's withdrawal from the European Union, The Daily Telegraph has learnt.

Owen Smith, one of the candidates to replace Jeremy Corbyn as the head of that political force, also rejected the government's intention to prevent a parliamentary vote on the issue and said the prime minister Theresa May is opposed to submit the Brexit to legislative approval due to the lack of necessary support.

A majority of the 650 lawmakers had declared themselves "Remainers".

But many Brexit campaigners, including cabinet members David Davis and Liam Fox who will lead negotiations, are thought to believe Britain may have to quit the single market in order to impose adequate border controls.

Promising to block Article 50 in parliament, he said: "Under my leadership, Labour won't give the Tories a blank cheque".

May is allegedly planning to prevent Members of Parliament from voting on the decision to leave the European Union before Article 50, the legislation that will trigger the UK's formal exit from the bloc, is triggered, reports The Guardian.

But pro-Brexit cabinet ministers David Davis and Liam Fox - as well as Mrs May's close adviser Nick Timothy - believe that Britain will have to leave the single market if it wants to end the free movement of migrants into the United Kingdom from Europe.

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The meeting on Wednesday comes amid reports of a government split over whether or not the United Kingdom government should attempt to retain membership of the single market.

It is said after the triggering of Article 50 the process would take about two years to make Britain exit from EU. Once it is invoked, it would be up to the European Union, and not the United Kingdom, if it wished to change its mind.

"Bearing in mind that we will anyway have access to the marketplace under WTO rules, so the question really is - do we want more preferential arrangements than that?" "I want to see the Government step up and say we don't think this is a problem at all, we think this is a phenomenal opportunity".

German Deputy Foreign Minister Michael Roth on Saturday said Germany is hopeful that May will "send us the letter soon" so that Brexit discussions can get underway, acknowledging that there is "no blueprint in the drawer" on a way forward.

"She's looked at the numbers and she knows she might not win a vote in parliament".

"It will not be triggered this year as the government needs time to shape Britain's exit objectives first", May said.

"Parliament can not be sidelined from the greatest constitutional change our country has debated in 40 years".

Brexit to go ahead without Parliament vote