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Pak Regrets India's Rejection of 'Discuss Kashmir' Proposal

28 August 2016

Some senior bureaucrats warned Prime Minister Narendra Modi against mentioning about Balochistan while preparing last week's annual Independence Day address.

Inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks on Balochistan freedom movement during his Independence Day speech, tribes people in the village painted a dahi handi-an earthen pot- in the colours of the Pakistani national flag and smashed it to show the "symbolic" destruction of Pakistan and an independent Balochistan. Baloch people living in Germany staged a protest in Leipzig city accusing Pakistan Army and the Sharif government of committing atrocities on the people of Balochistan.

Sarfraz Bugti further maintained that the handful anti-state elements being sponsored by RAW are carrying out subversive and terrorist activities in Balochistan.

He said the way people from these Pakistani regions "wished me well, gives me great joy". He also demanded a referendum on the Balochistan issue under the United Nations' supervision, and said "We do not want to live with Pakistan anymore".

Meanwhile, Pakistan friday "regretted" India's virtual rejection of its proposal for talks on Kashmir even as it briefed the ambassadors of the P-5 and European Union countries about the situation there in yet another attempt to internationalise the issue.

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Responding to a query about the Indian Foreign Secretary's response to Paksitan's invitation for talks, MEA spokesperson Vikas Swarup said Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar did respond to Pakistan's invitation but made it clear that "the intended result at the issue is early vacation by Pakistan of its illegal occupation". "We are political people".

"Starting from the 1970s the Baloch have been fighting for more autonomy within Pakistan. We hope Pakistan will heed global opinion on this issue", he added.

Stating that his immediate course of action would be to create awareness in the worldwide community, Mr Bugti, at the same time, also called for military assistance to the Baloch freedom struggle.

One of the BJP's officials said, "Dealing with militancy is our internal issue and we will not tolerate any other country's interference", claims Reuters.

Husain Haqqani, former Ambassador of Pakistan to the U.S and now Director for South and Central Asia at Hudson Institute, said: "It's tragic that those who advocate talks with globally recognised terrorists such as the Taliban have an intransigent position when it comes to engagement with the leaders and people of Balochistan".