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Main » Ubisoft delays upcoming DLC for 'The Division' in order to tackle bugs

Ubisoft delays upcoming DLC for 'The Division' in order to tackle bugs

27 August 2016

Because of this re-evaluation, Ubisoft is now looking to release update 1.4 in October apart from Survival. Although the Underground DLC launch was plagued with some major issues, once these were fixed, the content left many players enthused and hungry for even more paid add-ons for the Ubisoft shooter.

Massive Entertainment, developers of Tom Clancy's The Division, has opened its doors by asking fans to come and help out in the game's upcoming patch. The situation could have been much worse with The Division not receiving a performance update and have its DLC's delayed, as other games of this console generation are want to do.

The blog post explains that the developer's "priority should now be on improving the core gameplay experience" following the feedback the team has received about the game.

According to the report from The Division Zone last June, "Survival" was first expected to be released this summer on all platforms supported by the game.

Update 1.4 will go ahead in October, it's claimed, but Survival - previewed in the video below and previously due to roll out at the same time - will launch independently later in the year.

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Quality of life additions based on community suggestions (such as weapon skins no longer taking inventory space).

The news was delivered via an update on the official The Division website, with Ubisoft admitting it has been forced to make "several adjustments" to its development schedule.

With that in mind, the team is pushing back the Survival DLC to later this year.

Ubisoft will still deliver some updates, particularly details of the progress with the update in a Special Live Report livestream happening on September 13.

But according to GameSpot, Ubisoft has just announced recently that the upcoming release of the "Tom Clancy's The Division" DLC will be delayed.

Ubisoft delays upcoming DLC for 'The Division' in order to tackle bugs