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Jill Stein Makes Case For Being Part Of Debates

27 August 2016

While Stein's candidacy leaves something to be desired for many progressives, it is undeniable that her support has grown, if only marginally. People who support third parties should join hands with the two major parties in promoting it. It is frustrating that activists, leftists, and progressives who work together some of the time, often get utterly torn apart in the excitement (and fear) surrounding who will be the next President. The result was the most conservative presidency of the past quarter-century. At a CNN town hall on August 17, she said: "Part of the problem with Hillary's abuse of the rules - she was sort of too big to jail". But does the "celebrity gap" between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump matter?

Gary Johnson, is polling at 8 percent, and Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein is sitting at 4 percent. However, as the Green Party candidates point out, not all of the polls used by the CPD present the Green Party as an option. He continued Bush's wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and expanded them with catastrophic regime change in Libya and proliferating drone wars in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Most Americans, excepting Trump's "Second Amendment people" (who will be on the edge of their seats for Trump's words), would probably prefer to watch "Seinfeld" reruns than Trump and Hillary.

Stein told the audience, "I think I'm the only candidate out there advocating for reparations".

The physician turned politician has events scheduled in Fort Collins, Boulder, Colorado Springs and Denver.

Rajnath in Kashmir, reviews security situation
At least 68 civilians have been killed and over 6,000 wounded, according to government figures, in firing by the Indian forces since pro-independence protests started on July 8.

Also, on Facebook, a conversation with an old school friend got to almost the same level of vitriol. As far as I know, only talk radio allows them to discuss their ideas, which all voters need to hear. Her campaign is focused on the Green New Deal, an effort to transition to 100 percent clean renewable energy by 2030 and invest in public transportation and sustainable agriculture, according to Stein's website.

Others impact long-term ideology more than a single election.

Still, given deep dislike for both Clinton and Trump, it would be no surprise if the three totaled more votes than in any election in 20 years. But it would go some way towards addressing at least one of the ways in which our political system is (as Donald Trump disingenuously and cynically complains) "rigged" against outsider views. Somehow, they believe that they will ultimately help protect the health, safety, and rights of themselves and humanity by voting for Hillary Clinton. Where the major parties are not addressing some issue about which a substantial constituency has strong feelings, a third-party candidate can place that issue on the national agenda. So, it isn't easy to argue that the Green Party or Libertarian Party candidates for President have a good chance of being elected.

So the Democrats and Republicans have conspired to limit voter choice and force Americans to choose between two very flawed candidates. So, historically, having a big and adamant third-party vote has supported the great social justice causes of the day.

Jill Stein Makes Case For Being Part Of Debates