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Man Claims Tesla Autopilot Saved His Life

09 August 2016

A man suffering a pulmonary embolism while behind the wheel of his Tesla Model X was able to activate the car's semiautonomous Autopilot feature. Typically, the Tesla Model S ultrasonic sensor is used for detecting nearby objects, such as when the car's parking itself.

In late July, Joshua Neally left his office in Springfield, Missouri early so he could get home for his daughter's fourth birthday celebration. He called his wife and agreed to go to the emergency room.

Neally's health scare occurred about three months after a Tesla driver in Florida was killed when his self-driving auto crashed into a semi truck.

Believing technical bugs exist in the Autopilot system, Luo said Tesla should take half of the responsibility, while the other half should be paid by the Santana's driver who was illegally parked.

Elon Musk, for his part, says that it would be irresponsible to not offer autopilot as a feature, as, he claims, the risk of having an accident while autopilot is enabled is about 50 percent lower than with a human driver.

However, as the Model X piloted its way home, Neally started experiencing a rather acute pain in his abdomen, which he thought might have been a pulled muscle.

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Joshua Neally, 37, who told his story to Slate, described how his auto allowed him to get to a hospital instead of having to pull over and wait for an ambulance to arrive at his location.

Luo criticized Tesla for exaggerating the automatic driving function but only using a small space on the manual to warn users that it is only an assistance driving system.

To be fair, Tesla is not a strictly self-driving vehicle, nor did it get Neally to the hospital on its own.

Although the vehicle handled most of the journey autonomously, Neally admits that he did take over for the final leg, pulling the auto off the highway and steering to the hospital. This is something that a lawyer named Joshua Neally will testify if ever asked to do so. Autopilot isn't created to operate without any human interaction for 20+ minutes; what if the software had bugged out crashed into a divider, or into an oncoming auto?

The local news agency provides more: "So he trusted the self-driving Tesla to stay on the road, until it got near a hospital". More than anything, he might be glad he bought a Tesla.

Man Claims Tesla Autopilot Saved His Life