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Lindsay Lohan accuses fiancé of 'beating the s*** out of her'

26 July 2016

The tirade which began Friday on Snapchat, also featured the actress referring to Tarabasov as her fiance despite her rep denying in April that the pair was engaged.

Police were forced to beat down the door to the actress' home in the upmarket neighbourhood - but when they got inside, er Lindsay and her Russian billionaire fiance had vanished. "Honey, come home, please", she said in the clip. She then posted a short video of Tarabasov in a nightclub, simply captioned, "Home?" S***ty time- it changes at 26/27 @e2505t thanks for not coming home tonight. She also deleted a post with Egor at a party saying "Wow thanks #fiance with Russian hooker @dasha_pa5h", and tagged Dasha PAshevkina in the post. Before Lindsay Lohan claimed that her 22-year-old fiancé Egor Tarabasov has been cheating on her, the two seemed to be having a very public argument.

Lindsey Lohan appeared to call out Egor Tarabasov on social media.

That post is still up, but the rest of her uploads that evening, which accuse her fiance of cheating, have been taken down.

LINDSAY Lohan was caught up in a huge row with her fiancé over the weekend, which woke up her entire Knightsbridge street. "He nearly killed me", Lindsay screams in the shocking footage. Lohan was snapped solo at Heathrow Airport in London on Sunday night - still wearing her engagement ring - and hiding under a shirt prominently featuring words from E.E. Cummings' poem "May I Feel Said He".

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Lohan followed up her video with a series of Instagram posts, which have since been deleted, detailing her relationship problems. "Everybody will know. Get out of my house", she said, according to witnesses.

"Do it. I dare you again". Maybe she just means "I'm pregnant in this trailer" or maybe it's "I'm pregnant right now".

She played a woman who pretends to be expecting a baby in the movie.

In the video, Lohan is seen in the corner of her balcony yelling to anyone who will listen.

One telling photo does remain, though - this pic of the couple with Egor's face scribbled out.

Lindsay Lohan accuses fiancé of 'beating the s*** out of her'